Quality at your service

Quality at your service


Customer service guarantee


Compliance with goals and service objectives


Commitment to the environment

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Quality Cycle


INSE SRL, provides chemical consumables and services, equipments and engineering for industry. Our products cover the constant need of improving the production performance; in order to fulfill the clients expectations.

Our mission is to improve and grow as a renowned supplier because of our reliability. To achieve that, we compromise ourselves to:
1 - Guarantee activities to be performed in optimum Hygienic and Safety conditions, and ensure the integrated prevention of environmental contamination in every working pos.
2 - Fulfill all legal requirements and other requirements that the INSE subscribes; applicable to our activities, and relative to environment, safety and hygiene legislation.
3 - Promote the continuous improvement and efficiency of all the processes related to quality, environment, occupational health and safety.
4 - Establish quality objectives and goals contamination prevention and give priority the risks in OHaS.
5 - Document and implement this policy through periodical revisions.